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  • 11 Downsides to Living in Medellín: An Medellin Guru

    Mar 17, 2021· So my current situation I live in the us I go back and forth to Colombia I wanna buy an apartment in Medellin. Is their any banks that do business with USA banks cause I can get a mortgage loan in the USA and easily make the monthly payment for the apartment in Colombia and I wonder if that work as well with a car.

  • Popular Neighborhoods for Expats Living in Medellín

    Great job like always from our expats at Medellin Living! James Lindzey Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS. Reply. Jason Scott December 23, 2016 at 12:32 am. Hello Everyone, I am trying to decide to invest in Medellin or Rio. This investment is to purchase a spacious condo for I can live and rent out rooms. My budget is 400k US dollars.

  • Living In Medellin Living in Medellin, Coloimbia Blog

    Colombia is home to 22 of the top 43 Latin American hospitals. Retirees are discovering they can stretch their retirement dollars, thanks to the low cost of living and the great exchange rate. The Colombian peso has been hovering around 3,000 to the U.S. dollar since late 2015.

  • Why You Might Want To Consider Retiring In Medellin, Colombia

    Medellin, Colombia At least, that is, if you're looking for a clean and vibrant culture-rich city that's just a short flight from the U.S., and with perfect weather and an overall low cost of living. Because that's exactly what you'll find in Medellín, Colombia's second-largest city

  • 5 Places to Live in Colombia; 2 to Avoid International

    Mar 03, 2021· Medellín is the only city in Colombia with a metro system, making getting around the city quite easy. It is a cosmopolitan city that boasts 30 universities, a robust gastronomy scene with hundreds of restaurants, and world-class healthcare. Seven of the top 49 Latin American hospitals are in Medellín.

  • Being Black in Medellin, Colombia

    So much so that my African American wife said of Colombia “I could live here! and enjoy it! She’s well travelled and rated Colombia as her favorite Latin American country (along with Panama). Regarding the situation with a lighter skinned Colombian family meeting my African American wife, unfortunately I ran into that drama with one of

  • 8 Downsides of El Poblado: Living in Medellin Guru

    Dec 07, 2020· People living in the higher estrato 6 and 5 neighborhoods in Colombia pay higher rates for utilities (electric, gas and water) and Internet, television and phone services. This is to subsidize the lower rates paid in the lower estrato 1, 2 or 3 neighborhoods.

  • Simple Tax Guide for Americans in Colombia

    Colombia income tax rates are progressive up to 39%. Non-residents are liable for income tax at a flat rate of 35 percent. This is currently the maximum tax rate for residents and is applied on income earned over COP1,062,370,000 for the 2019 tax year. Tax Basis Individuals are subject to personal income tax at a top rate of 39%.

  • Moving to Colombia: Things to Consider Before Moving to

    Jul 27, 2017· I am from Medellin, but I live in the U.S since 2007. I go to Colombia twice per year, and I can notice several things you mentioned: the products “de aseo personal”, like soaps, and dental paste, shampoo, shaving cream, Listerine; or products for the

  • Cost of Living in Medellin. Apr 2021. Prices in Medellin

    Living in any country receiving U S disability is considered fraudulent,due to the fact the U S disability board only covers recipients while residing only in the U S. Imprisonment of up to 5 years and a $250,000 fine and normally both.Two U S citizens I know lived in Colombia receiving disability via wiring money they received each month from

  • Medellín, Colombia: Retiring, Cost of Living and Lifestyle

    The City of Flowers . Located in the middle of Colombia, tucked into a valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains is Medellín, Colombia’s second-largest city. Known as the City of Flowers, Medellín is attracting more and more retirees who want to live an outdoor-based, active lifestyle in a city that has near-perfect weather, affordable healthcare, good-value real estate, and a lower cost of

  • Living in Medellin, Colombia Interview With an Expat

    May 15, 2020· Hello. I’m traveling for the first time to Medellin, Colombia December 18th. I will be retiring either in Medellin or Panama city, Panama. I have one very worrisome question that I am not sure about. If I live in Colombia for more than 183 days I

  • Living In Medellin Living in Medellin, Coloimbia Blog

    Colombia is home to 22 of the top 43 Latin American hospitals. Retirees are discovering they can stretch their retirement dollars, thanks to the low cost of living and the great exchange rate. The Colombian peso has been hovering around 3,000 to the U.S. dollar since late 2015.

  • The Pros And Cons Of Living In Colombia We Asked Other

    Jun 28, 2019· Colombia sitting in the middle of Latin American countries make it a great place to use it as a hub to travel places like Peru, the Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador Maybe not every flight will be direct because the main airports of Cartagena and Medellin are still small compared to Bogota or even Panama City.

  • Simple Tax Guide for Americans in Colombia

    US Expat Taxes Colombia. At Taxes for Expats we have been preparing U.S. tax returns for U.S. Citizens and green card holders working in Colombia for over 5 years. Our clients hail from all parts of the country Bogota and Cali, Medellin and Barranquilla, Cartagena and Cucuta.

  • Retire in Colombia What You Need To Know Retirepedia

    Mar 19, 2021· [Read more about the Colombia climate.] Cost of Living. The cost of living in Colombia is one of the main reasons so many people are considering retiring in Colombia. We’re going to check out current costs to see what you can expect in terms of standard of living, keeping in mind a base-line income of $1300 (USD) per month.

  • 5 BEST Neighborhoods and Areas in Medellin (2021 Guide)

    Mar 30, 2021· Medellin has stepped out of cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar's shadows, and into the limelight as Colombia's trendy city, full of history, great nightlife, and excellent weather. We're covered where to stay in Medellin in regards to safety, the coolest neighborhoods, and best accommodation!

  • How Safe is Medellin to Visit? (2021 Guide)

    Apr 12, 2021· Just like the safety in Colombia overall, Medellin has definitely calmed down after being a VERY violent place in the ’80s. In 1993, when Pablo Escobar was out of the picture, things began to turn around in the city.Crime has pretty much plummeted in general and, in fact, Medellin is safer than some American cities. But violent crime always has a habit of rearing its ugly head it DID

  • English speaking Jobs in Colombia Glassdoor

    Search English speaking jobs in Colombia with company ratings & salaries. 77 open jobs for English speaking in Colombia.

  • Expat's Experiences & Adventures Living In Medellin, Colombia

    Apr 19, 2017· What It’s Like Living In Medellin, Colombia (After Two Years) Never Dread Monday Mornings Again. by Wendy Howarter. Apr 19, 2017. in Colombia, Lifestyle. 0. 385. SHARES. 5.1k. VIEWS. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Bright and early this morning in sunny downtown Medellín, Lee Harrison welcomed the crowd to our 7th Annual Live and Invest

  • Expat Profile: Retiring in Medellin, Colombia Poppin' Smoke

    Apr 13, 2021· Retire in Medellin, Colombia, and you can check all of those boxes. Byron Edgington, an Army National Guard retiree, and his wife, Mariah, have been living in Colombia for more than 2 years and love their retiree lifestyle.

  • Arrest Of 2 Americans Begins Medellin Crack Down On “Sex

    According to local newspaper Vivir en Poblado, sex tourism provider Jay Harry Drivas, a.k.a. “Colombia Jake” and an alleged client were arrested Thursday, July 7, while in the presence of a 13

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