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  • US7028723B1 Apparatus and method for automatic

    An apparatus and method are used to perform the verification of a pharmaceutical prescription after pills of the prescription quantity and type have been fully dispensed into a pill bottle. The...

  • US 6750958 B1 Automated optical measurement

    An automated apparatus and method for measuring properties of optical components based on wavefront sensing and analysis. A wavefront of predetermined profile is directed at a surface to be measured so that it is more or less distorted in accordance with the shape of the surface and the distorted wavefront is sensed and analyzed.

  • US7359548B2 Method and apparatus for automated

    A method and apparatus for automated cell analysis of biological specimens automatically scans at a low magnification to acquire images which are analyzed to determine candidate cell objects of...

  • US20140106389A1 Apparatus, Method, and System for

    Apparatuses, methods, and systems for the automated imaging and evaluation of human embryos, oocytes, or pluripotent cells are described. An apparatus and method for automated

  • Method and apparatus for automated, modular, biomass

    An automatic quadrilateral surface discretization method and apparatus is provided for automatically discretizing a geometric region without decomposing the region. The automated quadrilateral surface discretization method and apparatus automatically generates a mesh of all quadrilateral elements which is particularly useful in finite element analysis.

  • Analytical apparatus and method for automated blot assay

    Analytical apparatus and method for automated blot assay (1) The START/HALT control is green. This button is used for starting, halting (temporary stoppage) and restarting the (2) The OPR light is green. This light indicates that the machine is in the operating state. It is activated by the

  • Apparatus and method for an automated electrophoresis

    An automated electrophoresis and transfer apparatus for separating macromolecules in accordance with their molecular weight and transferring the same to a transfer membrane includes a housing having a perforated intermediate horizontal

  • US5283641A Apparatus and methods for automated

    Apparatus and methods are disclosed for automatically inspecting three-dimensional objects or subjects. A detector and the object are moved relative to each other. In one form, a detector, such as...

  • US 6750958 B1 Automated optical measurement

    US 6750958 B1 Automated optical measurement apparatus and method 1. Apparatus for automatically measuring the surface properties of optical elements, said apparatus comprising: a 2. The apparatus of claim 1 wherein said analytical means includes means for performing an optimization analysis

  • Apparatus and method for automated monitoring of

    An apparatus and method for automated monitoring of airborne bacterial spores. The apparatus is provided with an air sampler, a surface for capturing airborne spores, a thermal lysis unit to release DPA from bacterial spores, a source of lanthanide ions, and a spectrometer for excitation and detection of the characteristic fluorescence of the aromatic molecules in bacterial spores complexed

  • Apparatus and method for an automated grammar file

    An apparatus and method for an automated grammar file expansion tool are described. The method includes the receipt of a source grammar file. Once received, one

  • Automated apparatus for quantitation of social approach

    an automated, three chambered apparatus designed to monitor social interaction in the mouse. Time spent in each chamber and the number of entries are scored automatically by a system detecting photocell beam breaks. When tested with the automated equipment, juvenile male C57BL/6J mice spent more time in a cham-

  • Method and Apparatus for the Automated Delivery of

    Artem B Kutikov, PhD, Simon W Moore, PhD, Richard T Layer, PhD, Pamela E Podell, MS, Nithya Sridhar, BS, Andrea J Santamaria, MD, Alex A Aimetti, PhD, Christoph P Hofstetter, MD, PhD, Thomas R Ulich, MD, James D Guest, MD, PhD, Method and Apparatus for the Automated Delivery of Continuous Neural Stem Cell Trails Into the Spinal Cord of Small and Large Animals, Neurosurgery, Volume 85,

  • Control apparatus and control method for automatic

    The present invention provides a control apparatus and a control method for an automatic transmission shift shock can be suppressed. Instruction hydraulic pressure learning control means includes: an output-side torque time rate of change calculating means, the time rate of change of torque output side of the calculation of the automatic transmission; correction means, based on a time rate of

  • Automatic Vicat Test Apparatus TESTMAK

    Standards. ASTM C187-C191 EN 196-3 AASHTO T129-T131 BS 4550. General Description. The TESTMAK Automatic Vicat Test Apparatus (VICATRONX) is used for the determination of the setting time and consistency of cement by Vicat Method. The entire test is automatically gives precise and repeatable results.

  • WO2009118482A3 Apparatus for the automatic

    WO2009118482A3 Apparatus for the automatic assembly of a fishing net with the bolt ropes thereof Data receiving apparatus, data transmitting apparatus, method for controlling the same and program ES2552324T9 (en) 2016-08-18: Flow regulator AT485197T (en) 2010

  • Automated DNA Extraction Systems vs Manual Methods

    These methods took the first step toward automation by using spin columns or centrifuges. This resulted in a quicker NA extraction process, involving 4 major steps: Cell lysis to disrupt cells/tissues; Nucleic acid absorption; Washing while avoiding contamination; Elution; In this semi-automated method, different substances are used for NA purification.

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