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  • What is Swarf? Recycling Your Machining Scrap for Cash

    First, machining scrap is a resource for your business; you can sell it to a metal recycler like Cohen to put a little money back on your bottom line. Next, recycling swarf, like recycling scrap metal in general, reduces negative impacts to the environment by avoiding toxic leaks from landfills, lowering carbon dioxide emissions and reducing demand for mining new ore.

  • Recycling in the Precision Machining Industry Production

    About half of that scrap comes from our industry as screw machine turnings, and because of the strong recycling content, North America is not dependent on foreign supplies for copper. Aluminum scrap is also recycled in our shops. The high energy content in aluminum makes the recycling of

  • How to recycle machined metal scrap into additive

    Many users of 3D printing/additive manufacturing technology are concerned with its potential impact on the environment. Often the focus is on resin-based prototypes ending up in landfills and taking years to degrade. But other materials also end up as scrap, such as that from machining and similar subtractive processes. Design World · How to recycle []

  • How Scrap Metal from Machine Shops gets Recycled

    Scrap. Just the word brings to mind wasted time, energy, and most of all money. Modern machining methods have become increasingly efficient and processes like the deep drawn metal process focus on reducing or eliminating scrap to the highest degree possible from the design stage forward. But the fact is some scrap

  • Recycling in the Precision Machining Industry

    Scrap materials from our shops, such as steels, stainless steels, tool steels and carbide, brasses, bronzes, copper alloys and aluminum, are all recycled to become the feedstock for high-precision components or replacement tooling that our shops will fabricate or use to produce our next order. Recycling is an important aspect of our industry.

  • Recycling TATB PBX. [Machining scrap] (Technical Report

    The feasibility of recycling IHE has been successfully demonstrated on a large scale by processing over 750 kg of machining scrap. The content of machine cuttings in the recycled PBX lots was 50, 75, and 100%. Physical strengths were generally above normal and tensile strains were 0.29% or better.


    ŸIn-house recycling of machining chips ŸNo dependency on Alloy supplier ŸAdditional melting capacity ŸRapid return on the investment ŸImpact on foundry environment ŸImprove productivity ŸCompact layout COMMERCIAL BENEFITS FROM ALUMINIUM SCRAP RECYCLING PLANT Benefits include the following : F-23, M.I.D.C., Gokul Shirgoan, Kolhapur 416 234.


    Fig 1. Of the aircraft manufacturers' scrap, some is heavy, relatively easily segregated and might be taken back by semi-fabrication plants for direct recycling. However, the bulk is in the form of machining swarf, see Fig 2, which will be unsuitable for direct recycling due to mixing with other

  • Blog Cohen Recycling

    Recycling Your Machining Scrap for Cash Getting into the habit of selling the recyclable scrap that results from machining creates an excellent incentive for keeping your shop as clean, neat and efficient as possible.

  • Implementing A Scrap Reduction Program Modern

    Regardless of how a company handles scrap, everyone can agree that scrap is a bad thing. But companies vary as to what they'll actually do to reduce scrap. Companies should be willing to do more to minimize scrap if raw material is costly; there are numerous prior machining operations; cycle time is long; the machining process is complicated; and/or many repeated jobs are run.

  • (PDF) Recycling of aluminium alloy turning scrap via

    Among the various steps of aluminium production from liquid metal, a lot of scrap is generated due to machining operations. Therefore, recycling of aluminium scrap is an interesting subject

  • Purchase and Recycling of Germanium Metal Scrap and

    We purchase all kinds of scrap and waste containing germanium metal, germanium dioxide and other germanium compounds. Much of the germanium scrap, which we buy, is produced in the machining of infra-red lenses and other infra-red system

  • Cashing in Your Chips Modern Machine Shop

    The latest scrap-handling technology, recently adopted by Brek, involves a processing system that crushes chips into a uniform shape and size, automatically sends them through a “tramp metal” separator to remove larger pieces such as bolts or other items that have mistakenly fallen into the chip bin so as not to damage the system downstream, then separates the water-soluble coolant from

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